Pre Legal Collections

LRC offers a full range of debt collection services to suit your individual requirements including pre-legal collections, tracing, data gathering and dispute resolution. We can tailor a strategy to best suit your customer base whether it is commercial or consumer or a mixture of both.

Consumer Debts: These usually follow our 30-day strategy which comprises of three letters supplemented by a combination of effective SMS text messages and telephone calls. All correspondence can be viewed and downloaded from our online Debt Manager system.

 Commercial Debts: We can create a strategy most appropriate to your customer base however, the standard initial action usually undertaken when pursuing business to business debts is a letter before action (LBA) supported by telephone calls and internet checks to confirm contact details. We claim either contractual or late payment legislation interest and late payment compensation from the LBA stage and the amount is added to the debt value and is also included on any subsequent claim form should court proceedings be issued.

During the collections process we can also seek to obtain information about your debtors should you so wish including information as to outstanding County Court judgments, insolvency information, home-ownership checks as well as employment information. This information all assists in the decision-making process as to whether it is feasible to go ahead with Court action.

If you have any questions about our service or would like to discuss your matters with us in greater detail, please contact the Business Development Team on 0330 024 6342