Private & NHS Healthcare Debt Recovery

LRC are a proud supplier to both NHS Shared Business Services and a large number of NHS Trusts and CCGs acting independently.

Formed in 2002 as part of a management buy out, LRC has years of experience creating effective, low-cost recovery solutions for a large number of clients in both the public and private sector, including a large number of healthcare organisations throughout the UK.

We currently collect healthcare debts in respect of private patients, non-UK nationals, salary overpayments, commercial and prescription charges and offer tailored strategies for these different debt categories.

We are able to handle the entire collections process for you, from collections through to Court actions and Enforcement proceedings.

We have the understanding and ability to handle the different types of debt in the sector such as:

  • Private patients

  • Overseas visitors

  • Salary overpayments

  • Prescription debts

  • Commercial debts

  • Gone aways

healthcare debt recovery

Through our experience of working together with NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations we will:-

  • Save you time and valuable resources in the collection of money owed
  • Devise strategies to maximise recovery of your debts
  • Provide you with continued support, advice and assistance throughout the healthcare debt recovery process
  • Ensure that your reputation is protected at all times by always acting in a professional, compliant and ethical manner
  • Provide you with Debt Manager access to enable you to keep yourself updated as to the progress of your cases at all times

Intelligent Approach To Healthcare Debt Recovery

Our “Insight” service provides information such as the number of CCJs and whether these are paid or unpaid, number of credit applications, employment indicator, insolvency status and homeownership information. Following this our ‘Litigation Scorecard’ will further assist with segmenting cases that are suitable for litigation. For commercial debts we can obtain company credit reports where appropriate which enables us to make a recommendation as to whether court action is appropriate.

Why Choose LRC For Healthcare Debt Recovery?

You can improve performance and save valuable resources by using LRC’s healthcare debt recovery services. We will endeavour to chase all of your old debts, treating each debt as a new challenge no matter how difficult to collect. Let our experienced team take care of chasing your outstanding healthcare debts, leaving you to focus on what matters – your patients.


We believe that when it comes to healthcare debt recovery, we can chase the unchaseable. Our team are able to resolve cases where patients may have moved addresses since they received their treatment. Acting on behalf of your organisation, we will always act professionally and in a manner which protects your reputation.

  • Free access to Debt Manager. View progress on all of your cases. Real-time. 24/7.
  • Complete debt recovery solution from credit control and pre-legal collections, to litigation and enforcement.
  • Our dedicated compliance team ensures we work within regulatory requirements set by the FCA and our trade body the CSA.
  • Dedicated online payment area, making it easier for customers to pay.
  • Experienced team of case officers who collect in a professional and sensitive manner—guaranteed

Treating Healthcare Patients Fairly

We provide an ethical and compliant service, offering our healthcare clients and their patients a debt recovery service they can trust. We are highly experienced in the handling of particular patients including those considered to be vulnerable, ensuring these are dealt with in an appropriate manner. We work in accordance to the Treating Customers Fairly principles making sure every patient has a positive experience. We take measures to ensure that, while achieving a successful result for our client, the debtor does not feel as if they have been treated unfairly during the process. We completely understand the importance of taking a sensitive approach when it comes to healthcare debt recovery.

If you have any questions about our service or would like to discuss your matters with us in greater detail, please contact the Business Development Team on 0330 024 6342