Private & NHS Healthcare Debt Recovery

Our team regularly delivers bespoke debt recovery services to NHS and private healthcare organisations across the UK; including NHS Shared Business Services and NHS Trusts. Through our effective, debt recovery services, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner across the healthcare sector.

Recovering a range of healthcare debts

With our extensive experience in recovering various types of healthcare debts, we provide comprehensive and tailored support and advice to effectively manage your debt recovery needs. 

The types of healthcare debt we recover include:

  • Private patients – collecting overdue private patient debt for NHS and healthcare organisations while understanding the delicate nature of such situations
  • Overseas visitors – collecting debt from overseas visitors to the UK, with debts remaining active regardless of where a debtor has travelled or returned to
  • Salary overpayments – from current to former employees in the UK or elsewhere, we have experience with recovering salary overpayments, overpaid sick leave and holiday pay
  • Prescription debts – NHS patients have accumulated over £246m of unpaid prescription debts and we know the right approach for recovering what is rightfully yours
  • Commercial debts – often significant in size, commercial debts require attention in a timely manner in order to keep healthcare organisations running smoothly. Late payment interest and debt recovery charges could also be applicable, with our team best placed to advise on a case-by-case basis

Our healthcare debt recovery process

Our trusted process for debt recovery has been perfected over two decades and promises a thorough and compliant process.

Pre-Legal Collections

A 30-day collection cycle of data cleansing, letters, emails, calls and SMS text messages to ensure that all information is accurate. This step increases our chances of success and is completed at no cost to you. Our online Debt Manager system holds any correspondence we search, which can then be viewed and downloaded by the client.

End of Collections

At this stage, the file will be reviewed and assessed for its suitability for further action. If the debtor is a sole trader or individual, the next step involves sending a letter before claim, providing the debtor an additional 30 days to respond. Should the Pre-Action Protocol not be followed and court action becomes necessary, the creditor could be penalised by the court for non-compliance, potentially preventing the recovery of court fees or costs from the debtor. If the debtor is a business entity, there is no requirement for a letter before claim, and court action may be commenced if appropriate. 


At this stage we issue a claim form and obtain judgment for the outstanding healthcare debt. Once a claim form has been submitted, the debtor can decide whether to defend the claim, pay the full amount, or pay what they believe they owe. Defending the claim will escalate the case to a final Court hearing where a Judge will consider both the witness evidence and documentary evidence prior to making a decision. 


When the judgment has been obtained, you can then consider your enforcement options. Enforcement methods for healthcare and NHS debt recovery include: high court enforcement agents, charging orders, insolvency proceedings, attachment of earnings and a third party debt order. More information on our debt recovery methods can be found here under enforcement.

Why partner with Legal Recoveries & Collections for healthcare debt recovery? 

We promise a detailed knowledge of the healthcare sector, with experience in collecting a range of debt types. From the moment you put your trust in our team, you can expect a strategic approach that maximises the potential recovery amount, while saving you valuable money and resources. 

You will also benefit from ongoing support and advice, with a promise to protect your reputation thanks to our professional, compliant and ethical approach. You will also gain access to Debt Manager, our dedicated platform where you can monitor the progress of your debt collection cases in real time.

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