LRC deal with a large range of consumer debts from a variety of different industries and can collect CCA regulated debt provided there is a prospect of litigation.

All consumer debts go through our pre-legal strategy that we have spent many years developing to achieve maximum liquidity. You can choose from our standard consumer collections strategy or we can create a bespoke strategy together. This process also allows us to try and resolve any disputes or complaints the customer may have.

All consumer debts are data cleansed before communications commence. The pre collections strategy comprises of data cleansing, letters, emails, calls and sms texts. LRC Collections staff are fully compliant with current debt collection regulations, and are trained to treat all customers fairly (TCF). If the customer is asking to pay the debt by instalments we will ask that they provide income and outgoings information so that we can assess what is affordable and sustainable. Arrangements are reviewed after 6 months. Your customers can pay their debts in a variety of different ways, direct debit, over the phone, 24/7 automated payment line, bar code pay points, bank transfers, online, Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), cash, cheques or postal orders .

At the end of the collections period we look at a number of key factors to help you decide the best way forward in the unlikely event that a payment arrangement or full payment has not been made. We can send your cases for both address and employment tracing, our Insight Plus service, (which shows any CCJ’s, credit applications and residency checks your customer) and obtain Office Copy Entries to see if your customer is a property owner. All of this can be valuable information which will help with the decision making process as to whether litigation (court action) may be appropriate.

If you have any questions about our service or would like to discuss your matters with us in greater detail, please contact the Business Development Team on 0330 024 6342