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The combination of our people, our processes and our systems means that at every stage of the debt recovery lifecycle from debt collection services, dispute resolutions, and litigation, to insolvency services we offer our clients intelligent commercial resolutions that deliver results.

If you are managing your own in-house debt or working with another debt recovery legal practice, consider looking further afield. LRC is a team of industry and business experts who are obsessed with debt and so much more!

Our industry, debt collection and litigation experience are trusted by a wealth of sectors who are not only benefiting from our specialist advice but are taking advantage of our preferential rates and fixed fee litigation services.

So, whether you are tasked with improving collection rates, chasing late payments, or reducing your growing debt portfolio, LRC is here to help.

And as the cost of chasing overdue payments continues to rise in this post-COVID economy, LRC will reduce your administrative burden and your in-house costs through our tried and tested debt collection and litigation services.


So Why Work With Us?

As a debt recovery legal practice, we not only understand the complexities that arise during the debt collection process but more importantly, we know how to overcome them efficiently and effectively. Our proven approach frees up valuable in-house resources, drives out in-house costs and improves debt collection outcomes.

Our Clients Trust Us

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Proven Approach

Utilise proven strategy and processes to maximise income and reduce debt


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After 19 years of working with a range of businesses across many sectors, we know how to help you reconnect with your debt.

Faster resolutions, superior customer and user experience and brand protection.

We have handled over 323,000 cases with a value now exceeding £550 million collecting from both the UK and overseas.





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