Pre-Legal debt Recovery, London

Are you looking for a pre-legal debt recovery service in London? Need a professional and reliable team to get the job done? Look no further than LRC. We offer a full range of debt collection services to suit your individual requirements. Our pre-legal debt recovery service is one of our specialised services. We can tailor a strategy to best suit your client base whether it is commercial or consumer or a mixture of both. If you have any questions about our pre-legal debt recovery services then get in contact with our London team today. You can reach them on 0330 024 6342.

In the event a business loan or P2P finance client defaults and they are served their notice of termination, bring in our pre-legal debt recovery specialists. Our London team can increase the chances of recovery without the need to commence legal action.

Service Area

pre legal debt recovery london

Our Approach

Consumer Debts: These usually follow our 30-day strategy. We data cleanse information to ensure accurate information to enhance the chance of success at no cost to you.
Our collection strategy comprises of three letters supplemented by a combination of effective SMS text messages and telephone calls. All correspondence can be viewed and downloaded from our online Debt Manager system.

Commercial Debts: Our team in London will create a strategy most appropriate to your client base, however, the standard initial action usually undertaken when pursuing business to business debts is a Letter Before Action (LBA) supported by telephone calls and internet checks to confirm contact details. We claim either contractual or late payment legislation interest and late payment compensation from the LBA stage and the amount is added to the debt value and is also included on any subsequent claim form should court proceedings be issued.

pre legal debt recovery london
Pre Legal Debt Recovery London

Our London- based team will undertake the process where we can also seek to obtain information about your debtors should you so wish including information as to outstanding County Court judgments, insolvency information, home-ownership checks as well as employment information. This information all assists in the decision making process as to whether or not it is feasible to go ahead with Court action.

Benefits of LRC

Our authority as a specialist debt recovery legal practice can often result in fast results
Your internal collections team can focus on clients who have only recently missed a payment
Our London team have experience of overcoming a wide range of avoidance tactics

pre legal debt recovery london
pre legal recoveries london

Why Choose us

Pre-legal debt recoveries have been a key focus of our business since day one. As a specialist debt recovery legal practice we maintain an ethical and professional approach at all times upholding our client’s values and reputation. We aim to understand what is preventing payment from being made before we work with the client to attain the assets.

Our London team will always go the extra mile to tailor our approach to different clients to achieve a successful outcome. Please call us if you have any further questions about our pre-legal debt recovery service in London. You can contact our London team on 0330 024 6342.