As CSA members we work to their trace code of conduct which sets out the best practice standards. We undertake tracing internally and externally using a third party supplier which is also required to follow this code of conduct.

Address Tracing

If we receive notification that your customer has moved we can trace their whereabouts and update you on their new location. There are two main types of address tracing, initial and secondary, with both helping you locate an individual. Along with their address, we can also provide additional information such as phone numbers, their marital status and even who they live with. 

You may need someone’s address if they have failed to provide a new or updated one and are indebted to you. Attempting to collect debt without a known address can cause issues, which is why Legal Recoveries offers address tracing services.

Employment Trace

We provide a rapid and efficient employment trace service for our clients. Employment trace is used to establish your customer’s employment status; a positive verification will be if the agents confirm that the customer is unemployed, retired, or in employment. If so, they will provide you with the employer’s details. Employment trace is especially important if you are considering court action as we may be able to pursue an Attachment of Earnings order if your customer is in full-time employment.

Landlords and loan providers often use this service to verify someone’s employment status, confirming or discrediting the information you have been provided with.

Overseas Tracing

We provide our clients with an excellent overseas tracing service. If your debtor has gone overseas, then worry not as we are still able to help. We utilise the services of an agent to carry out our overseas trace searches to locate your customers.

As debt collection laws differ from country to country, we are well versed in global legislation. We will legally and successfully track down your overseas customers, informing you on the best way to collect the debt.

If you have any questions about our service or would like to discuss your matters with us in greater detail, please contact the Business Development Team on 0330 024 6342